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With an electric mountain bike (or e-MTB) that gives you assistance up to 25kph, it’s possible to pack twice as much riding into the same amount of time. Those five great trails that you normally ride after work can now be ridden twice. That boring singletrack climb on your lunchtime loop suddenly becomes the highlight of your day. With the extra push from the motor it’s easy to double the distance covered, or do the same ride in half the time.

You’re probably thinking that if you can pack twice as much riding into the same amount of time, then surely the bikes are going to wear out twice as fast? The short answer is, yes! And if you’re always riding the same trails, that means more wear and tear on Mother Nature.

The environmental impact of battery production and increased electricity consumption can’t be ignored either, but if owning an electric mountain bike means that you no longer need to drive to the trails, they could prove to be the greener option.

All of these are legitimate concerns, but they are a topic for another article. The purpose of this test is to find the best electric mountain bike, not to debate whether the category is an inspired idea, or the most evil development in the history of mountain biking.



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